CRM: What is it, Why is it Imperative, and How can it be of assistance to Small Business?

CRM: What is It, Why is It Imperative, and How Can It be of Assistance to Small Business?

A customer relationship management system or CRM refers to a system that stores and manages data for all of the business contacts. This includes clientele, leads, prospects, and other business allies.CRM is a catchall phrase for any system that allows this kind of tracking.The objective of putting into operation a CRM is to create a system that business can use to competently and successfully interact with prospects or customers.Clientrelationship management software helps the business to manage all the customers, partners and prospects information all in one place.CRM is also about what small business/freelancers want to do with the information to better meet the needs of existing clients and identifying new clientele, resulting in higher profits for the business.

Nomisma Solutionis white-label, cloud-based, and fully integrated CRM software for small business that can help every part of the business get anabsolute view.The total volume of data that a small business can track for each individual user through Nomisma CRM system is astounding.Nomisma helps clients get new customers, close deals quicker, and sell and servicesmarter. Hence, it all adds up to the growth of the business. It gives the small business owner an extraordinary power to delight each and everycustomer, leads and prospects through personalized communication.

Customer Relationship Management system is about constantly outstanding communication– both inside and outside the business. As an exercise in understandingthe flow of information in thebusiness development considerpre-sales requests for information, quotation, order processing, customer queries, and after sales support andservice.Nomisma Solution – small business CRM system provides businesses with the information they need to understand customers and what kind of experiences appeal to them.


Do You Need a Customer Relationship Management System?

A significant number of small businesses struggle with spreadsheets to manage the entire data. At some point, however, such applications become bulky and highly ineffective. If a business has a decent client base (a few hundred), it’s the correct time to implement a CRM system.Every business is in the trade to grow, and customer relationship management software for small business enables companies to maximize revenue.It is extremely difficult to manually keep a track ofthe performance or analyze past activities of the whole business, and to do so effectively it is important to implement a CRM. Manual tracking of records is a lengthy and a time consuming process, and manual data entry becomes a huge drain on the employees’ valuable time.

Nomisma Solution - Small Business CRM System

Apart from tracking the basic information a spreadsheet can hold,Nomisma’s CRM system can help small businesses also track:

• Current sales in pipeline
• Detailed reporting
• Company size
• Lead scoring
• Multiple contacts within a company

Nomisma Solutionis:

Anidealsolution – A white labelled cloud-based software that is secure and helps client manage their pre-sales and post-sales activities
A value – Nomisma Solution is programmed in accordance to the ethicsand guiding principle that a business follows when interacting with its customers
A Vision – NomismaCRM allowsusers to understand their customers, get a 360 degree view of the client activities as well as prepare and put into practice effective sales
Nomisma Customer Relationship Management(CRM) software is a web-based and modern CRM built for small business. Nomisma is the best CRM for small businesses and its relationship management module gives insights to employees working from various locations. NomismaCRM software automatically captures outbound and inbound e-mails, transforming the exchange of information into addressable insights. Apart from performing these tasks our CRM is fully integrated with accounts management module and company secretary to avoid duplication of tasks.

Nomisma’s CRM Module Offers:

• Pre-sales and post-sales insights
• Follow-up with prospects
• E-mail campaign and tracking
• Pitching to leads and potential clients
• Document management and contract set-up
• Company formation
• Workflow management

Nomisma CRM for Electronic Campaigning

Email is a powerful marketing tool asit’s economical; more personal and direct. With Nomisma CRM, businesses can send emails and build campaigns using many predefined templates or craft a new template for the business.
Our e-mail campaigning tool helps businesses reach customers/prospects and:

• Put together the campaign lists more rapidly
• Track and develop the campaigns using analytics
This would make it easier for the business to:
• Keep hold of the existing customer base
• Provide a reliable experience to every customer
• Improve the quality of customer support

Nomisma CRM for Sales and Marketing

NomismaSolution – small business CRM systems supports the sales team with information regarding follow-ups and deal status. Follow-up is a vital element of the sales process and Nomisma gives up-to-date and quick access to the information that the sales team needs to manage and convert leads. It is helping thousands of small businesses automate their sales process. Advantage of using Nomisma CRM for sales and business development:

• Nomisma helps the small business/freelancers track the key performance indicators (KPI) and facilitates the sales team to be more aggressive and productive in their sales pitch
• The sales team has all the information they need to analyze the sales data in real-time and take corrective measures to innovate
• The sales data is automatically compiled to lend a hand to the sales manager to allocate the leads to the right sales executive
• The data is more graphical and gives a real-time view of top leads or top performers


Nomisma Solution is programmed to meet the requirements of small business and accountants.The price of our Customer Relationship Management (CRM) module is£10+ VAT per month and£20 + VAT per month for all modules and at this price it is difficult for any CRM to offer the same features as Nomisma Solution. No software for CRM for small businesses is as attractive as Nomismawith regards to price, capability, and usability.