Make Running a Business Easy with Online Accounting software

Nomisma cloud accounting software helps running businesses in an efficient manner and it is all because of the benefits they offer to accountants and small businesses. It provides complete solution to bookkeeping, payroll, accounts-finalization, corporation tax and CRM. It also allows you to do multiple tasks at one time so that you should have more free time to advice your clients. This software is fully compliant with HMRC's iXBRL filing system and ensures control and security.

You just need an internet connection and Nomisma can be accessed anywhere, anytime with any device. It is different from the method which we are previously using i.e. installing software on the user's desktop. With the help of Nomisma cloud accounting software, user can even access data while walking on the road. You can keep track of your business anywhere and also share data among your authorized clients and colleagues securely.

What Is Cloud Accounting Software?

Cloud accountancy software is software which is hosted on remote servers to record expenses, show profits & loss calculations and helps in managing the balance sheet. It completes the backup, updates occur immediately and nothing needs to be downloaded or installed on a company computer. This hosted application can be accessed through internet enabled device such as smartphone, tablet or a PC. This software performs various functions and helps business owners to perform multiple tasks at a time.

How Safe Are Cloud Accounting Software?

This software is hosted on highly secured and advanced servers and protects your financial data from being lost or stolen. In this process, the access to the data in the cloud is encrypted and password protected. In relation to security, it is considered much secured than any other traditional software.

Why Choose Nomisma Accounting Software?

Benefits of Nomisma Accounting Software

  • Automation, integration and security, fully integrated into automated processes for accuracy, efficiency and security.

  • Efficiency.

  • Fast processing, reducing manual intervention.

  • Cost reduction.

  • Saving time and saving on labour costs for bookkeeping and accountancy work.

  • Risk reduction.

  • Cloud-based technology allows authorised users to view, edit, and retrieve information at anytime, anywhere, from any device (with an internet connection).

  • Ideal for continuity planning.

  • Compliance.

  • Meets the requirements of HMRC and Companies House.

  • Real-time information.

  • Up-to-date information, accessible to entrepreneurs on a real-time basis, helps in the decision-making process.

  • Accessible, when needed, anywhere, from any device(with an internet connection).