About Us

In 2013 the Managing Director of an award winning accountancy practice in London decided that he would invest in producing software to help deal specifically with his contractor clients. As an accountant who had many of these types of clients throughout the years, he felt that the software available to him on the market was lacking some essential features that would make servicing these clients simple and efficient.

Following the successful use of the existing Nomisma software by his team, he decided to improve the software by adding modules that are critical to the work of an accountant. It was at this time that his vision of "One Practice, One Software" was brought to fruition and the decision was made to introduce Nomisma Solution to the world.

With current modules such as Bookkeeping, Payroll and Self-Assessment, our software is already well on its way to being the premier software to meet all of your compliance needs. If you include Accounts production and Corporation tax due for release by in the first quarter of 2017, the integration of our practice CRM in the third quarter 2017 and the release of our Company Secretarial module due in the final quarter.

We will have a complete accounting solution. Through the quality of our software, we have grown from a modest team of three Directors with a dream.To a team of 26 and counting!!

Our aim is to ensure that you can run your practice in the simplest, most efficient and profitable way. To find out how, get in contact with us "here"