Accounts Production / Corp Taxbeta

Dashboard - Know exactly where you are with your client's accounts at a glance
Powerful reporting - Access to numerous system generated reports. Covering everything from profit and loss by department or job too aged debtors reports and Nominal ledger reports
File Accounts to Companies House - Eliminate the need for duplicate tasks and ensure that your clients remain compliant.

FRS 105 Accounts - Produce fully compliant FRS 105 accounts. You can also override system settings and select which disclosures you wish to show
Process Journal entries - Ability to make bespoke journal entries so you can make the relevant adjustments to your clients’ accounts.
Working Papers - Upload and attach any client critical documentation to either an account or particular entry.

Work Flow Management - Create integrated and automated workflows for all of your accounting processes and staff. So you know, who is meant to be doing work and by when.
Full Audit Trail - System hold a record of who done what, where and when.
Submit CT600A and Statutory Accounts to HMRC - Accounts Production fully integrated with compliant HMRC tax submission and calculation tool.

Customizable Trial Balance Mapping - Import trial balances from third party products
Mapping Reports - take the work out of reconciling your trial balance with your chart of accounts.
Directors - appoint or terminate directors and select company secretary.
Full integration - Trial balance pre-populated by other modules.