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♦ Have you thought about what a good time NOW is to invest in new technologies and pick up a healthy return?♦ Nomisma is raising £1.7M. You can own a part of our Company from as little as £6.

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Investment Sought: £1.7m
Share Type: Ordinary Shares
Share Price: £6
Tax Relief: SEIS/EIS – first come serve basis
Equity: 25%

What is Nomisma?

Nomisma is cloud-based bookkeeping and compliance software designed for accountants and small businesses. It has been designed and developed to be a comprehensive solution to running a modern accounting practice, providing bookkeeping, payroll, accounts Finalisation, corporation tax, and CRM. The software ensures control and security and is fully compliant with HMRC’s iXBRL filing system. Nomisma aims to extend the benefits of the software to the wider market and expand return on investment. Nomisma Solution intends to raise £1.7 million of which £150k will be financed through SEIS and rest from EIS.


Nomisma is software created for the modern world, where businesses and accountants are given full control of their data, and can access information in real-time.

Nomisma Access

Nomisma can be accessed from anywhere via any device with an internet connection. This is distinct from the long-held traditional method of the user installing the software on their desktop. Nomisa allows users to keep a track of their business from anywhere. The main benefits of Nomisma include:

  • The only off-the-shelf software developed by accountants for accountants
  • Accountants can work in collaboration with clients via a single platform
  • No costly or complicated data-storage systems required
  • Nomisma’s many automated processes save time and improve efficiency
  • Value-for-money, white label product, designed for accountants to cross-sell

Why Nomisma?

Currently there is no comprehensive software in the market that can perform all accounting processes such as bookkeeping, payroll, accounts finalisation and personal tax returns on cloud. There are some desktop-based software packages on the market that are integrated, but at accountant level only for compliance, with very poor bookkeeping and front-end capability.

Nomisma is the software created for the modern world where businesses and accountants are in full control of their data and can access information in real-time.

Why Nomisma

Management Team

Sumit Agarwal
Sumit Agarwal

A specialist accountant and tax adviser for freelancers, contractors and small businesses since 2005, Sumit is an expert in business growth and development strategies. A renowned tax expert for owner managed businesses and contractors, Sumit won the British Business Forum’s Young Entrepreneur Award in September 2012, presented at the House of Commons by MP Vrinder Sharma.

Jaipal Singh Yadav
Jaipal Singh Yadav

Jaipal is a veteran of the software development industry and leads the Nomisma development team. In a career that has spanned nineteen years, Jaipal has worked with the likes of HP, Aetna, and Autodesk; he also owns two successful businesses, Itrak Software and Cogniz Consultancy. In 2010, he developed Favourite Table, a platform for reserving restaurants in the UK that is immensely popular and well known.

The Key Benefits of Nomisma

Automation, Integration, and Security

Nomisma’s fully integrated automated processing promotes accuracy, efficiency, and security.


Fast processing, to reduce manual intervention and, therefore, human error.

Real-Time Information

Information updated continually by the system, accessible by all authorised users: accountants and business users. Giving entrepreneurs and their accountant access to real-time information vastly improves decision-making processes.

Reduction in Overheads

Nomisma’s labour-saving design cuts time spent on tasks such as bookkeeping and accountancy work and can reduce staffing costs.


Meets the requirements of both HMRC and Companies House.

Risk Reduction

Nomisma’s cloud-based technology takes physical locations to virtual destinations, allowing users to retrieve data anywhere.

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Nomisma software is fully compliant with HMRC's iXBRL filing system and ensures control and security of your clients data.

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