Make Your Own

Payroll - £22.50 inc VAT/month

Automatic run payroll - Make fixed payments simpler as our system runs payroll for qualified companies automatically
Auto enrolment - Stay compliant with easily navigated auto enrolment and simple opt-in and opt-out option

Integration with bookkeeping module - All run payroll is automatically posted to the bookkeeping module eliminating the need to copy data aver manually

50% off - the Bookkeeping module when bought with Payroll module

Dashboard - See where you are at a glance with payroll, RTI submissions and payslips all in one place. So you can keep on top of those all-important payroll tasks

Payslips/P45/P60 - Email or print payslips
In-depth reporting - Extract reports detailing covering everything from a breakdown of total wage costs too RTI submission reports

Self-Assessment - £17.50 inc VAT/month

HMRC compliant and registered - Submit self-assessment returns directly from the system. With a full status report.
Submission report - The system will let you know if the HMRC has accepted your submission

Full integration with the bookkeeping module - Pre-populate self-assessments with information from bookkeeping. No re-keying and less risk of any costly mistakespre-populate self-assessments with information from bookkeeping. No re-keying and less risk of any costly mistakes

50% off - the Bookkeeping module when bought with Self-Assessment module

Dashboard - Know exactly where you are with your tax submission covering everything from. Bank interest and Capital gains, to Dividend income and Pension contributions

Reports - Full tax break down report. Know exactly how your return has been calculated
Working papers - Attach and Keep all related documentation in one place

Bookkeeping - £12.50 inc VAT/month

Bulk upload and send facility for sales and purchase invoices - Allows you to do multiple tasks in one action freeing up more time to advise your clients
Upload and send subcontractor bills with incorporated CIS calculation making all your subcontractor billing needs simple and efficient

Customisable outputs - Personalise your invoices with your company/trading logo

Bookkeeping will have a 100% - Discount if take with Self-assessment and Payroll

Paperless bookkeeping - Attach copies of all relevant documents to any transaction in multiple formats - no more searching through folder after folder of paper for that receipt!

Mobile app - No exactly where you stand with you finances on the go. Also make a record of all your invoices/receipts on the go uploaded directly to your account.
Unique takings sheet - Record exactly how much cash was received and the type of goods/service it should be allocated to leading to stress free reconciliation

Powerful and unique reports such as VAT comparison - Built in algorithm to let you know whether you are the most cost effective VAT scheme. You could be losing thousands of pounds
Reimbursements are made easy - With our expense input organised by type (Allowance, Expenses, Payment from Personal Account etc.) and unique features such as Home as Office Expense you will always know how to get your clients the best return

Automatic reconciliation - Put all those hours you spend on bank reconciliation to better use with our intuitive system that recognises your transactions and matches them for you. Tell it once and it learns!!
Integration - Seamlessly links with our self-assessment module for your tax return. No more re-keying critical information.

Module Monthly price
(Inc. VAT)
Payroll   £22.50
Self Assessment   £17.50
Bookkeeping   £12.50
Total Cost