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Payroll Software – Manage Payroll, Payslips, RTI Submission under One Roof

Payroll is one of the most critical information of the company and it should be manage properly. Nomisma online payroll software is very useful for accountants as it helps in automated attendance, calculates the monthly salary of the employee, manage reimbursements and handles each and every employee issue with utmost care and offers speedy and efficient resolution to it.

With the help of this payroll software, accountants can easily take decisions by checking data reports related to payroll. It also assists the accountants throughout the entire lifecycle of the employee.

Payroll for Accountant

Features Of Accountants Payroll Software

Auto payroll

Our system makes fixed payments simpler and automatically provides payroll for qualified companies

Auto enrolment

Stay compliant through our easily navigable auto enrolment that has a simple opt-in, opt-out option

Automatically calculate mandatory or voluntary payments

System can calculate Statutory Sick Pay (SSP)/Statutory Maternity Pay (SMP)/Statutory Paternity Pay (SPP) and student loan payments, amongst others


Manage payroll, RTI submissions and payslips all in one place


Download or print payslips

Working papers

Upload and keep all client information attached to individual entries or accounts. No more searching through various folders or emails

Bulk payroll

Run your clients bulk payroll every month with the help of HMRC compliant software Nomisma and pay your client’s on time.

Fully integrated with Bookkeeping & Self-Assessment

Fully integrated with bookkeeping and seamlessly update management accounts and integrated with self assessment too.

Super reports to manage business

Generate and review data reports to manage the attendance, salary as well as reimbursements in order to manage business.

Employee dashboard

With the help of employee dashboard, accountants can easily and quickly access total employee’s salary due for payment, payment date (due/overdue) as well as the number of employees they need to pay. It also provides accountants salary details of each and every employee, summary about EPF, ESI as well as tax deductions.

Expenses management linked to payroll

With the help of expenses management feature integrated to Nomisma cloud accounting payroll software, accountants can easily manage the expenses of each and every employee by taking expense request, approving it and releasing their claims.

Expense authorization

Accountants can authorize the expense transactions of the employees in a simple, organized and a speedy way.

Leave management

With the help of this Payroll software, accountants can easily track and manage entire employee’s attendance, leaves as well as the leave balances of the employee’s.

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Nomisma software is fully compliant with HMRC's iXBRL filing system and ensures control and security of your clients data.

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