The Ultimate Cloud Accounting Suite

Payroll Dashboard

Import Companies – Payroll Dashboard

Import Employees – Payroll Dashboard

Portfolio Management

Run Payroll in Bulk on Agent Level – Portfolio Wise

Submit RTI in Bulk on Agent Level – Portfolio Wise

Directions to fill the Company Database

Is the Company Eligible for Employment Allowance

PAYE Frequency

Run Payroll – Add a Company into the Payroll Module

Small Employer Relief (SER)

Edit Pay Details

Employee Director Wage Details

Student Loan Deduction

Day rate Hourly rate


Add Employee

HMRC Adjustments Tab

Employer Notes for Payroll Company

What is CIS Suffered

SMP Advance Funding

Auto Enrolment by Customer Support Service

Running Payroll

Nomisma Reports

Linking with Account

Shared Paternal Pay or Leave

Sick pay, SMP and SSP

Statutory Maternity Pay SMP

Statutory Paternity Pay SPP

Statutory Pay SSP

Accounts Linking

AE Employers Without Staging Date

Clients who have Auto Enrolled

Final Submission Report

PAYE Liability Report

PAYE Tax & NI Configuration

Payslip Count Report

RTI Submission Report

Wages Journal

Wages Journals not yet posted

Employee Pay Summary Report

P45 Forms

Payslips by Company

Wages Journal

RTI Failed Report

Wages Journal to be posted

Satutory Pay Recovery

RTI Submission Report

P32 Forms

P45 Forms

P60 Forms

Payslip Count Report

Satutory Sick Pay

Satutory Maternity Pay

Satutory Paternity Pay

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