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HMRC Compliant and Registered - Submit self-assessment returns directly from the system. With a full status report.
Unlimited Self-Assessment Submissions - Reduce the cost of self-assessment submissions with no limit on the amount of submissions made directly from the system
Submission report - The system will let you know if the HMRC has accepted your submission.

Dashboard - Know exactly where you are with your clients work at a glance. Allowing you to tell who is doing an item of work, when that work is due and how many submissions are pending, for example.
Client Management - Simplify client engagement. System allows for the creation of templates and to scheduled emails.
Work Flow Management - Create integrated and automated workflows for your accounting processes and staff. So you know, who is meant to be doing work and by when.

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Working papers - Upload and keep all of your client’s critical documentation attached to their account for easy access.
Powerful Reporting - Access to various system generated reports.
Full Integration with the Bookkeeping Module - pre-populate self-assessments with information from bookkeeping. No re-keying and less risk of any costly mistakes.

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*Unlimited Self-Assessment available when purchasing an accountant package

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