The Ultimate Cloud Accounting Suite

Self Assessment Dashboard

Client List & Adding a Client

Assign Accountants

Email Templates

Schedule Email

Client Dashboard

Interest from Banks & building societies

Dividend Income

Pensions, annuities and other state benefits

Adding other Income

Adding Income from Property

Adding Employment

Adding Self Employment Income

Adding Partnership

Adding Capital Gains

Adding Foreign Income

Adding Pension Contribution

Adding Charitable Giving

Adding Gift aid Payments

Additional Information – Life Insurance Gains

Additional Information – Interest from Gilt-edged and Other UK Securities

Enter Payments already made

Submit to HMRC


Finishing your Tax Return

Marriage Allowance

Allowing for Student Loan Repayments

Account for High Income Child Benefit Charge

Account for Underpaid Taxes

Reduce Payments on Account

Additional Information – Other Tax Reliefs

Tax Computation Calculation

Any Other Information

Documents and Upload



Additional Information – Tax Avoidance Schemes

Charging the Tax Year

Additional Information – Married Couple’s Allowance

Additional Information – Share Schemes and Employment Lump Sums

Adding Blind Person’s Allowance

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